Are we really always in power of our choices?

I don’t think so. We are in some but sometimes we are not. Everything depends of the circumstances we are in, who is around us and what choices we are talking about.

Looking at the relationships where abuse is happening it is impossible for abused person to make independent decisions. So I simply can not agree with the saying that “everything depends on our decisions and choices”.

Domestic violence is something my family had experience and this way of thinking made me feel like it was my fault what has happened because I made a choice.


Yes, I made a choice of allowing another human to my life.

I made this choice to be loved, respected and to be happy.


We are making this choices everyday and we should not be punished for that. Allowing other human to our life should be a pleasure and safe thing to do. And it’s just sad and disappointing that this choice can change our life for worst and leave scars which will never heal.


If we could predict intentions or future problems we will not put ourselves in danger. To have a choice is great. To have a choice can be a privilege.

To make a right choice is sometimes impossible.


But we have to and we will make choices every day.  And sometimes it is a privilege to have a right to choose. And if you are in abusive relationship you have a right to make a choice but you should never feel guilty for making your choice in the first place.


It took me a long time to understand that my choice can not take responsibility for everything what came after and definitely not be an excuse for others people choices.

Stay Strong