This morning was one of those days where waking up was a struggle. Leaving a warm bed just didn’t seem fair, even the birds were still asleep.

But it was so worth it. Within 30 minutes of being outside and working out I came a cross one of my favourite plants. This brought back so many amazing memories. Lilac.



I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. And in an instant, the smell of sweetness, warmth, strength and a touch of gentleness, took me back to my childhood. To my Grandmother’s house. A house that for me, was full of all the feelings humans can experience. Happiness, sadness, love, hate, closeness, loneliness.

I felt happy, because I could see the smile on my grandmothers face, sad, because I will never see her again, safe, because that is how she always made me feel, loved, because she was the one who showed me what unconditional love means. And strong, because she was one of the strongest woman I ever knew.

This one short moment showed me that we never know what’s around the corner, how and when we can get an extra push of motivation from people that aren’t  around us anymore, but are still with us, in our hearts and memories.

Stay motivated, don’t be afraid of your feelings and keep on moving forward, step by step 🙂