Obstacles I am thinking about are invisible. They are “walls” in our mind which are stopping us from making progress in our goals or simply are having huge impact on our every day life. Most of the time this obstacles will be created by friends or family. It can be argument with the partner, hurtful comment from a friend, financial problems and worries.

We all experienced some of the mention “inconveniences” and from my experience I have to say that they can have scary impact on our life. I am not going to bring any heavy staff to this article but the most simply but very hurtful example was when I was going out with my girlfriends. It didn’t happen to often but when it  happen my ex-partner was very supportive of me having little be of “me time” until it was time for me to leave the house. At this point my ex-partner will always make some kind of comment about me going out. He will have smile on his face, comment will sound very innocent but let me tell you, it will always ruin my evening. It will stay in my mind for all the time and I wouldn’t be ably to enjoy seeing my friends. Maybe this sounds funny but if someone comment are hurtful for you it doesn’t matter how they sound or look for a stranger, you are hurt and obstacle is just planted in your mind. You are not ably to follow your every day routine, to have fun, to concentrate. With time when your experience is more hurtful your body language can change. So is there anything we can do to stay positive and motivated?

Yes, there is. If the obstacle was created by other human, first make sure that what ever it is you will address it to the person which is hurting you. Simply let them now that you are not happy and you are feeling hurt.

Second, remember that expectations and reality can be far from each other. Most of the time people will not behave the way we are expect them to behave.

Third and the most important, don’t stop your journey in reaching your goal because of invisible obstacles.  What ever you do, you are doing it for yourself and this is not reward. It’s part of the process and “self care”.