PLAN – Do you have yours?

Plan – “a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.”

What is your plan for today, tomorrow, tonight?
Plan it is something we all need or should have. It will keep as focus on a daily routine and on a goals we want to reach. It will allow as to make every day less chaotic and it will be clear how much time we have for work and how much for fun.

My understanding of time changed when my youngest son become competitive swimmer. I use to think that 5 or 10 minutes it’s not enough to achieve anything. My son swimming made me realize that 30 seconds is enough time to become the champion of the world or of your own story.
First point on my personal plan is to wake up two hours before the time I will leave for work. I love mornings when most of the world is still sleeping. Early mornings feel so peaceful, quiet. It feels like there is no problem in the world, no pain, no war, no haters, just nature waking up slowly to unveil the beauty of the world around as. Having a start to the day on your terms will give you a positive and more peaceful attitude for the rest of the day. In the “rush” world is leaving right now it is important to have your personal terms of dealing with every day.
Making a plan has many benefits and it is worth to remember that we all have the same amount of time to use during the day so no excuses!
Start from making a plan for a week, and apart from every day routine please do not forget to include time for activities, family and yourself.

Plan = Balance

Stay motivated, stay Strong and let me know how you are doing 🙂