Should we compare?

Is it good to compare ourselves to other people?

Is it good to compare our achievements to achievements of other people?

I will say No. I think it can be dangerous and completely unnecessary. We are who we are and we are the way we are. And we are individuals. We can be all called humans  and have a lot in common but still we are different. Physically and mentally. Our bodies can work the same but even so we can surprise science and biology with individual cases.

With craziness to look like people we see in the movies and on TV it is very important to understand that this people don’t look like that in everyday life. Professional makeup artists, professional hairdressers, professional personal trainers, dietitians and fashion gurus are making sure that the final look we are seeing is perfect, whatever that means. The sad truth is that it is very difficult to recreate this looks with a small budget and by yourself. And just because we want to adopt the look of someone else it doesn’t mean we will and it doesn’t mean the look we like on others will suit us. It doesn’t mean that by following our idol training program we will get exactly the same results.

So like I set before love what you see and don’t question. Be the individual we all are and enjoy being you.

Just recently I went for the eye test. I knew I’m going to need glasses and I knew what frames I want. It was the frame one of my favourite actress is wearing. So when was the time to choose the frames I went straight for the style I wanted. To my disappointment I looked ridiculous.  Nothing like my favourite actress. Not even close to what I was expecting. So with the help of my loved ones I started on trying  something new and something I will never consider to choose for myself. And Wow let me tell you. Not the shape I wanted, not the size I wanted but I got the look I simply love. And I feel it’s me, not a copy of someone else.

That’s about our look but what about achievements? Should we or should we not compare?

Again I am saying No. Do not compare your or others achievements to other people. We have different plans in life, we have different goals, we have different bodies, we have different abilities, we have different circumstance and different things makes us happy.  This way of thinking is very important for everyone but it should be a priority for parents and people who work with kids and young adults. Do not compare academic or sport performance of any child to other child. This is wrong and it can make kids question they performance in later life. It can make them to lose their confidence and crate jealousy between friends, which can effect in bulling. It can make them to stop enjoying what they doing. It can kill their passion.

So don’t compare but if you can’t resist, be realistic and stay open minded.