When I was a little child, my dreams were very simply. I was dreaming about relationship, house, travel and becoming a doctor so my grandmother will never die. Some of these dreams came true and I thought I was happy. But my understanding of relationship and happiness wasn’t really what I think now. Being with someone is something more then just cleaning, cooking, working and having single moments of happiness and for the rest of the time just hoping that it will be good. That a day wouldn’t finish with argument and unexpected “problems”.

So, the dream about being with someone, tick. I can also tick having a house which I lost it because of the wrong choices. Travel, yes, I can also tick that one. We went to some very nice places but for some reason all of this doesn’t feel like it was real.

It really happened because it left me with some good memories but also left me with some trauma. So, it was real, but nothing feels more real like what I feel now.

I have no regrets and I value my experiences, but I wish this little girl will have more support, understanding and courage back then. If she did, her kid’s life will be better, and she will be free from the invisible scars.

But that is what we call life.

We can treat life like a ship. We can put the best effort and knowledge into steering our ship but if there is a storm, we can go off the course or get lost. I think that is how life feels to most of us?! Our first dreams are changing, adjusting and we are creating new ones, depends on where we find ourselves after storm.

I didn’t experience one storm in my life but many more and let me tell you after every single one I had to put more work in to finding new ways and creating new dreams.

But it is worth it because now I can see that for some of my dreams, I wasn’t ready, but also, I have created some new dreams which are even being a surprise to me.

Stay Strong. Keep Dreaming.