Hi, my name is Agnes

My biggest passion in life is being a mum, and my kids are the most amazing people in my life. I admire and I learn from them every day.

So far my life is nothing like my parents or I was expecting. It’s a roller coaster ride, with very high points and very low drops.   I learned that no one is immune to problems or unexpected events and good and bad things are happening to different people at different times.

Nothing could prepare me for some of the events which have happened in my life and I’m sure you were not prepared for yours.

Could I be a happier person without my experiences? I don’t know.

Am I a happier person with all my experience? I don’t know.

What I know and I believe in is that some things  are happening for the reason and that every day is a lesson.

I taught myself how to keep going forward. How not to give up and how to stay motivated and focus. Based on my own experience I want to share my knowledge and encourage others not to give up!

Join me on the journey of motivation, focus and happiness!

Stay Strong 🙂