Not every day is a good day. Not every day is an easy day. This morning I wasn’t feeling to good. To many thoughts, not much sleep, to many past trying to crawl back to the present. I was driving in silence, looking straight ahead and feeling sad. And then I saw this happy looking …

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Should we compare?

Is it good to compare ourselves to other people? Is it good to compare our achievements to achievements of other people? I will say No. I think it can be dangerous and completely unnecessary. We are who we are and we are the way we are. And we are individuals. We can be all called …

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I had no idea what kind of things I will experience in my life and after all I’m waking up every morning with “my demons”.  They are there in my mind every morning and every time I need to turn my “back” and walk away from them to start a new day. With time it’s …

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