East Hampshire

I can not even describe my unconditional love for nature. Simply. Beautiful. Honest. Last week we have been camping in East Hampshire, UK. Weather was windy and wet with some sunny spells from time to time. Strong wind pushed as to be very creative with gazebo which was flying away. We couldn’t allow this to …

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White Cliffs of Dover

I love last minute spontaneous trips. One day trip it is enough to realize how beautiful is around us or to discover new places and get new experience. The White Cliffs of Dover are  part of the North Downs formation, is the name given to the region of English coastline facing the Strait of Dover and …

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Strong, gentle, beautiful, happy, sad, tired, energetic. All this feelings and emotions can be felt by us in one day. We are amazing, so if the feeling is good or bad, do not give up! Stay motivated, Stay strong 🙂