Wales UK

In October 2017 a last minute idea popped into our heads. Why not visit Wales over the weekend. The weather was cold, rainy and windy, but that isn’t  something that would stop us. A quick booking, packing and we are off. We arrived late in the afternoon, settled down, looked around, had some food and bed time. We stayed in a very nice place, not far from Tenby. Our choice of accommodations, was a very cosy wooden pot. Take a beer barrel, put it on the side, make it big and here it is, a holiday pot. It was nice, clean and very warm. The under floor heating made it impossible to walk on the floor, it was so hot! To be honest there wasn’t  much floor space to walk on, but still if you’re planning to stay in one of those amazing things, in cold months, keep a hot floor and some slippers in mind.Our first night was very interesting thanks to a very strong wind, that rocked our pot like a babies cot. Some how we still managed to sleep well and welcomed a morning with no rain, but a very cloudy sky.


We spent the next few days in Tenby, exploring a beautiful town and enjoying walks on the beach. The sea was dark, cold and waves were so strong and loud, when hitting the rocks it gave us the feeling of thrill. The local restaurants, and coffee shops we visited welcomed us with a friendly atmosphere and great food.

On the last day of the trip, just when we were leaving Tenby, our car broke down. Funny or lucky, when it happened we were passing a garage. After making all the arrangements for a next day, we were allowed to drive carefully back to the pot.

Next day, we woke up with birds chatting and rays of sun invading our wooden pot. It was the most amazing weather we could wish for. With the disappointment of braking down this was exactly what we needed.

After breakfast, packing and saying bye to “beer barrel” we left the car in the garage, and went of to the beach in Tenby, to spend one more unplanned day enjoying the sunshine, building sand castles, splashing in the sea and once again realising that some things, just happen for a reason.

Wales, we will be coming back!