Month: May 2019


Obstacles I am thinking about are invisible. They are “walls” in our mind which are stopping us from making progress in our goals or simply are having huge impact on our every day life. Most of the time this obstacles will be created by friends or family. It can be argument with the partner, hurtful …

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Shapes & Sizes :-)

Few days ago I had a pleasure to see this amazing clouds. I wasn’t looking for   specific picture. I was just admiring different shapes and sizes. And it doesn’t matter what shape or size they are, they just all powerful and beautiful. Just like we are.  We are beautiful in our differences. “Beauty is …

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I had no idea what kind of things I will experience in my life and after all I’m waking up every morning with “my demons”.  They are there in my mind every morning and every time I need to turn my “back” and walk away from them to start a new day. With time it’s …

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Wales UK

In October 2017 a last minute idea popped into our heads. Why not visit Wales over the weekend. The weather was cold, rainy and windy, but that isn’t  something that would stop us. A quick booking, packing and we are off. We arrived late in the afternoon, settled down, looked around, had some food and …

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Strong, gentle, beautiful, happy, sad, tired, energetic. All this feelings and emotions can be felt by us in one day. We are amazing, so if the feeling is good or bad, do not give up! Stay motivated, Stay strong 🙂