Are you ready?

A few days ago I said to a very nice lady that I put some weight on and I’m planning to incorporate running in to my gym work out, to loose this extra fat. She was interested in running with me, but warned me that she just started to work on her fitness, so she can’t do any long distances. My reply was, me neither, I’m not ready. At this moment she looked at me and said “you are a fitness adviser?! You motivate others?!”

What she meant by that was simply, how come your are not fit and you’re telling others how to be fit. Well, what can I say, other then I am also a human. I don’t want to be perfect (what ever that means). I have better and worst days. I even have lazy days. I made mistakes. I have times that I can’t make it to the gym for a week, a month or months.


Everyone will have the moment when their focus can be lost, but the most important thing, is not to allow it to be your new habit. No one is expected to have a six pack forever, or brawny biceps 24/7, but we are expected to be fit, mobile, active and if we can, we should, because it’s about giving our bodies the best opportunity to be healthy.

And maybe sometimes we need this strange look from a stranger,  to realize that it’s time to get back on track and work on things you would like to change or improve!

Ready? GO!