Not every day is a good day. Not every day is an easy day.

This morning I wasn’t feeling to good. To many thoughts, not much sleep, to many past trying to crawl back to the present.

I was driving in silence, looking straight ahead and feeling sad.

And then I saw this happy looking woman walking down the street.

She looked so happy. She was walking fast. She was smiling. She looked so confident and unreal.

Happiness in her body language and on her face made me smile.

In this one moment I felt so empower. My sadness started fading away and positive feelings started to take over my body and mind.

We never know what is around the corner and what and who can change our day.

That is why we should not give up on anything.

There will be sad, difficult day but there also will be happy and easy day. Look around and allow others to inspire you and try to inspire others.

Stay strong, focus and motivated:-)