Don’t be  scared to fail.

Fear of failure can be very terrifying but also very empowering.

It is good to release that failing is a part of winning. Failing is a lesson for us how to deal with disappointment and how to get back stronger and more determinate to succeed.


Very often fear of failure is so strong because more then anything we don’t want to disappoint people we love and care about. It is natural to always want to succeed but it is also very natural not to be a winner every time we are trying to reach our goals.

When you fail, do not worry, do not punish yourself, do not think badly about yourself. When sadness, anger and feeling of disappointment wear off you will realize that you are a much stronger person and much more determinate for “round” two.

Maybe “round” two is not the last one, maybe there will be “round” 3, “round” 4.  Sometimes to reach our  goal we will fail more then once.

Don’t be scared to talk with your family and friends about your feelings. We feel like we will be judged but in reality people who care about us will never judge. They will support us, they will be proud and they will be impressed how strong and brave we are to share negative feelings.

Saying “I’m happy, all is good”, it’s very easy but saying “I’m sad”, “I didn’t pass my exams”, “I didn’t reach my goal”, it’s very difficult. Try to share and you will see that other person is not just going to listen and help but  you are letting them know that you are there for them to help and listen when they need to share.

Trying is winning. Failing is learning.

Keep going and don’t look back.

Agnes 🙂