Easy Day ;-)

Is there something like an easy day?

Well, we do not have to think to long to answer, No. There are no easy days. But would you really like life to be easy? And what that even mean? Very often we are complaining. Oh, I must wake up early tomorrow. Oh, its Monday tomorrow. Oh, I need to clean, cook, go for shopping, exercise, take dog for a walk, take kids to school, deal with not a nice person at work……. We can go on and on!

But is this not simply called,  Life?!

Yes, it is. Someone can say, yes but I want to be on holiday 365 days in a year. That will be perfect.

That could be perfect if we do not find something to complain about.  And I will guaranty you, we all will.

The secret to make days “easier” is how we react to things and how we take on everyday tasks. If you feel you do not like your job, instead of complaining let us focus on planning. Ask yourself what kind of job will make you happy? Can your passion become your job? What can I do to change my job? When you answer all the questions set yourself a GOAL and work towards it. Knowing that you are making changes it will make your day easier.

If you are tired of everyday tasks lets plan how you can make them more enjoyable. Can you combine walking kids to school with taking dog for a walk?! Can you prepare meals in advance?! Can you Welcome new week with a smile because you are well prepared?!

YES, you can!

Plan for yourself, plan for family, plan with the family.

React just to things which matters and on which you can have impact on.

 Do not say it’s not easy when it’s not difficult.

Agnes ?