Motivated by others

Looking at myself I can say that in my mind,  my main priority was to look after others. And looking around most of us are doing exactly that.  Some of the people would tell me, “we didn’t ask you for that!” No, no one is asking, but we are doing this with out thinking.  There are people who are expecting to be looked after or would like to be made a priority for others and don’t  care about people that they “love” but that is definitely not a group I would like to focus on.


Looking after other people can start  with something very simple and small like making a coffee in the morning. Yes, I know,maybe for some this sounds funny but for others it can mean a lot. How amazing is to leave your bed with out a morning rush, have a warm shower and then enter the kitchen which is  already filled with a gentle, but strong smell of coffee?! Just perfect. If you are this person who walks to this kitchen, you are very lucky. However if you are the kind of person that turned a kitchen in to a magical place first thing in the morning, you will be the proof that this other person is your motivation. Yes, others can be a motivation for everything we do. This person can be anyone’s,  parent, grandparent, child, friend or a beloved pet. If you have someone who motivates you, consider yourself lucky, and if you are motivation to another, they are very lucky to have you in their lives.



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