Yorkshire, Richmond 2020

Four years ago we visited Yorkshire for the first time and it was love at a first sight.

We felt in love with people, nature and rain. And we have been talking about moving to Yorkshire since then. Moving from one place to another is always a scary thing to do no matter how far those places are from each other. So yes, we have been talking about that but we did nothing. We carried on with our lives in the place we are now but we kept on dreaming.

In August we went to Richmond in North Yorkshire.

I love every minute of our holiday. I love walking in the early morning and watch a fog lifting from the fields to slowly uncover a green grass and different kind of trees.

My trial runs in the forest has been a highlight for me. In wet, muddy shoes and clothes soaking wet from the rain. Passing little waterfalls and listen to the falling water is form me very relaxing sound. Sometimes I’m trying to recreate this sound in the bathtub but it never works:-)

Richmond is the one of the most amazing market towns in North Yorkshire with the Richmond Castle in the town centre and one of the fastest flowing rivers in England, River Swale.

If you ever find yourself in Richmond I will recommend to visit ruins of Easby Abbey. Easby was a daughter house of the Abbey of St. Mary and St. Martial at Newsham, it was the third Premonstratensian house funded in England.

Very peaceful place with an amazing history.

This is one of my favourite pictures. I can see past, present and future.

Once again Yorkshire welcomed us with love and kindness.

Yorkshire, we will be back very soon.

Agnes 🙂